• female, 22 yo
  • nicknames: fifi (my actual childhood name), fhie, fiqoh, piqo
  • extremely extrovert
  • suffering obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
  • proudly engineer
  • independent hijabie
  • Islam-learner
  • having passion in writing and teaching
  • interested in technology (basically IT), science, psychology, architecture, and literature
  • quite idealist
  • craving for perfection
  • love traveling and culinary
  • book-a-holic
  • overthinker
  • green colour lover
  • eat dark chocolate while drinking green tea
  • does not like sweets, salts, and spicy food
  • movie freak (japanese dorama, sci-fi, police procedural, and medical drama series)
  • fashionably active
  • internet addict


  1. salam kenal mbak…

  2. Hmmm, gak sengaja liat blog ini di artikel blogger sebelah, sekalian aja mampir.
    Salam kenal mbak fifi 🙂

  3. Salam kenal..fifi…kebetulan aku lg cari makanan korea di malang trs nemu deh,setelah baca blognya jd pengin bisnis spt ini….
    aku mau ke kirin aaah….yummy…cz I love all about korea…

    1. salam kenal juga, putri. semoga bisnis kuliner koreanya sukses yaa. jangan lupa kabarin saya kalo usahanya udah berjalan, biar saya bisa nyicip menunya hehe. 😀

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