beautiful mess..

Falling in love is normal. Falling in love is human nature. And in the end, the love makes you want to have him/her. It makes you want to be able to live happily ever after with the one you love until death. That is normal.

But once the condition turned out to be some kind of mismatch, whether it is about principles, vision of life, self characteristics, or other things that we thought unable to compromise anymore, you can’t help to tear down all hopes and dreams you built with him/her. You thought that you should split up and leave him/her – the one you have ever loved.

Humans do have high ego and pride. You certainly do not want to be the ones to blame – or rather seemed wrong in the eyes of others. Just as when a breakup occurs, you do not want to appear as the one who bear to break the relationship. You tend to tell denials so that you do not seemed weak nor be the one to blame.

Indeed, it is human instinct to defend itself. But there is no need to speak ill of other people, right? Do you forget that the one you bad-mouthed was the one whom you admire? Do you forget that the one you mocked sarcastically in social media is the one you have ever cared about through some special short messages? Do you forget that the one’s name popped in your mind right now was the person you have ever loved?

If a love establish a good bond of friendship, then why it must be broken too when the love had broken up?

Because every little moment you shared with him/her was beautiful, yet it also a mess you both ever did. But still, it was beautiful.


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