homo interneticus..

Well, reading this term might be making people laugh on it. 😛 But it is actually a new term that classified as a kind of human species. Homo interneticus means “man as the social globally networked animal”. Actually the first time I heard the term Homo interneticus was from the fourth episode of BBC – The Virtual Revolution. This term coined by Dr. Aleks Krotoski. As I found it interesting, I read some unique references about the term Homo interneticus. It defined as a new form of human evolution based on their state of communication abilities. This statement adapted from some Ongian postulates by Michael H. Goldhaber.

So, based on the state of communication abilities, there are five human species classifications nowadays. The terms Homo sapiens, Homo oralis, Homo literalis, and Homo typographicus, emerging a new term Homo interneticus. Homo sapiens defined as human species who lived over than 10 billion years evolution and using hand or sign as their communication tools. Homo oralis defined as human species with storytelling communicative mode, oral cultural-likely, they lived over than 4000 years evolution. Homo literalis defined as human species that lives in the latest 4000 years evolution, with written communicative mode. Homo typographicus classified as human species with modern communicative mode using mass media in the past 150 years. Homo interneticus that emerged since World Wide Web invention, certainly still continue to speak, write, and use printed works, though their culture changed – a lot.

A Homo interneticus have different mentality than another human species, because their culture changed. Communication ability is a key factor of human culture. So, when the communication mode changes, culture also changes. Homo interneticus does exercise every time, though just doing ten-finger exercise on their keyboard. :mrgreen: They have unlimited knowledge, memory, time, and space. That is because internet knows no distance; there is no spatial relation in there. They have vagaries attention, because in the virtual world, people put their personal perspective that varies from each other. Their knowledge is indeterminacy, because in the virtual world, information keep updated every second. What they have today may change tomorrow.

In the electronic based culture, there will be non-materialized institution. Because people can manage them via internet, no need to do paperwork or meeting in person. But, this culture affects human interaction. Attitudes towards property and towards organic objects are different. There will be no gender and ethnicity in internet world. Human common senses will changes as the cultural changes.  Homo interneticus will also have their sensorial fragmented, because their body function barely connected. They will no longer sniffing an old book smell, feeling air movement when clapping a book, nor showing facial expression when  interact with others.

As a matter of fact, human nowadays already turned in to Homo interneticus species. From a conventional perspective views, it will affect some significant changes to our culture, it may change human perspective about common sense. Later, human common senses will also changes as the cultural changes. And we have to be prepared for it. :mrgreen:



  1. ndhoel · · Reply

    sehari tanpa internet memang terasa menyebalkan 😀

  2. […] topik ini dalam tulisan random di blog saya. Terkait dengan tulisan sok intelek saya mengenai Homo interneticus sebelumnya, saya bisa menambahkan ciri fisik spesies Homo interneticus adalah mereka cenderung […]

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