coffee ending story..

Here, I have a story about a coffee lover.
She’s so in love with coffee.
Almost everyday she starts her day by drinking coffee and ends the day with a cup of coffee.
She loves going out in the middle of the night just for sitting at the corner of cafes with a cup of coffee on the table.
She had highly taste of coffee.
She also very idealistic in every little part of her life.
Coffee made her addicted to waking up at night and go sleep after the day started to changed.
That happened, until someday she had to go to visit the doctor.
She started to aching after a cup of coffee warmed up her life.
The doctor said she had to stop drinking coffee, because of the gastritis she suffered.
Well it was a hard prohibition.
But she still cannot loose her addiction to caffeine.
So she started to drinking tea every day and eating chocolates as a proper supplement.
She also prohibited to sleep late everyday.
Well, she was a coffee lover back then.
Sometimes people should leave something they loved so much just for good.
Sometimes people should stop loving something since it hurt them too much.
Sometimes people just have to do it so that they can live the life well.
So, this was her coffee ending story..


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